Posted by: Bevs | July 28, 2006

Alive and Kicking… I Love Beach!!!

I can never imagine living so complete without taking glimpse of the beautiful beauty of beaches around me. Since I live just nearby the sea, i am not new to this very calm simply yet artistic view. Every touch of breeze in my skin feels like im relieve of the stresses, fatigues and worries in my life. Through walking along the seashore, i can unwind myself and can think of things i never think on my daily life.

I am really amaze by its beauty. Just by sitting on the shore and looking at the horizon, sunset and even watching how the sun rises. I appreciate it alot. Before, by 4 am, i took the chance to walk by the shore and wait till the sun rises and just simply breathe the ocean air and see how waves crashing over and over again without stopping. Its also so nice to see how the sun set good bye as the day gone by…yes! the sunset! nothing can beat seeing the view. I often watched that before.

But now, I can rarely see those views and experience those amazing experiences i had. Life’s been different now, i have work at night and never got a chance to visit sea anymore…..

But thank God that i have friends who are beach lovers too, who find ways to go to beach and have some fun even for awhile….

Just like this sunday (July 23,2006), we went to Guimaras Island and enjoy the beach. We went to a beach named Kelapa Gading.. Its just a small beach resort and not that commercialize one, but is good for relaxing. Its simple yet accomodating.. I went there together with my 6 more friends. Even if I didnt had a chance to swim, just to see the beauty of another part of the ocean made me feel refreshed and very relaxed…

Here are some of our pics taken in Guimaras….. 🙂

We really had fun…plus the laughs


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